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Jinzhou PengXiang Power Light Steel Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1982, is the Earlier domestic manufacturing enterprise that helps to do research on light steel color plate and roof ventilation equipment. The products, widely used in industries including metallurgy, electric power, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, food processing, etc., are imported to abroad and all provinces except Tibet and several special zones.

The company conforms to the general trend of the times and develops rapidly. Registered funds: 30 million yuan; the factory area: over 30,000 square meters; the workshop area: 4420 square meters; the entire staff: 220. It has not only the designed and processing capacity of making colored steel board and roof ventilation equipment, but also the qualification level of steel structure installation, mechanical and electrical installation.

From the application of electric power construction in 1990, our company and Northeast Electric Power Designing Institute jointly developed the first colored light steel board skylight-- "polygon combined ventilation skylight". And "arch combined roof ventilator" was invented in 1997. Electric Power Designing Institute supplemented it as the whole set of electric power equipment entitled the roof ventilator, which laid the foundation of ventilation technological products of domestic building roof.

Jinzhou PengXiang Power Light Steel Equipment Co., Ltd. takes advantage of professional and technical personnel and professional resources of colored light steel plate. It creates more than 20 series of roofing and natural lighting and ventilation products, filling many gaps of natural lighting and ventilation technology. Among them, the national science and technology fund winning patent roofventilation dust wiper, "thin roof ventilator" with truss structured technology combined with natural ventilation technology development, "lighting ventilated house noodles", "natural ventilation in greenhouse" formed a series of building lighting ventilated integration technology so as to provide advanced and practical technology of green energy saving. As an innovative research and development enterprise, the company also entered the rank of high and new enterprise along with the technological development.

The natural ventilation and lighting products of modern buildings are derived from the development of colored light steel plate technology. The advantages of colored light steel board have equipped Jinzhou Pengxiang Company with unique natural conditions for the development of natural ventilation products. Hard working leads to our leader status of natural ventilation technology. Advanced CNC production equipment, perfect production management and post-sale service system, help to ensure the products’ quality and after-sales service and gain the reputation for the company.

The independent intellectual property products with technical and economic advantages are agglomeration of the technical connotation and development motivation of the enterprise; The different styles of "pengtong" brand natural ventilation lighting technology products provide a wide selection for the green building energy conservation application. Compared with other companies, we are confident to provide a number of customers with the advanced technological, the economical natural lighting ventilation technology products. Your trust will be our greatest motivation for better service!