Kitchen fumes are too embarrassing! Witty netizens have a hood, and the fumes are running out! Too much power


Although the shape of the self-built house in rural are […]

Although the shape of the self-built house in rural areas is similar, it is more comfortable and comfortable than the high-rise buildings in the city. However, there is still a problem that can't be compared. That is the problem of kitchen fumes. The houses in the city have a good public chimney, but there is no self-built house. How to solve the fumes?

We all know that the kitchen stove built by the old home is not a gas stove, but a large iron pot with a large chimney exhausted on it, and as soon as it encounters rain, the fumes can’t be discharged, and all return to the kitchen. , swearing! However, the current rural areas are gradually moving towards urbanization, so the self-built houses have gradually eliminated large iron pans and switched to liquefied gas stoves.

But the problem of kitchen fumes still exists. So I went online to consult the majority of netizens, and the netizen's suggestion is to let my family install a hood, saying that it is like a chimney, exhausting smoke, super fast, but the difference is that it is weatherproof, so there is no need to worry about the rain. Can't row out and swear. And the hood is also equipped with a gauze to prevent insects.

In addition, if the conditions in the home allow, the check valve is also preferably installed, so that the aluminum foil pipe can be better fixed to prevent a small amount of soot from flowing back.

But if you install a check valve on the wall, what should you do with this hole?

It is recommended to cut a 16 mm diameter downpipe here. If it is not put, then the oil fume is easy to adhere to the wall, so that the wall is oily and black, it is difficult to clean.

Some people's self-built kitchens are far away from the stove, and the aluminum foil tubes are not enough. At this time, we can pre-bury a 160 mm diameter down pipe as a pipe before the ceiling, so that the aluminum foil pipe can receive the smoke. Tube, and then wrap it under aluminum foil tape.