FRP lighting board

FRP lighting board

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Product Details

Product Parameters

Product description

1、Product description
Glass fiber reinforced polyester corrugated board (commonly known as glass class, FRP lighting board), using high-quality polyester resin, high-grade alkali-free glass fiber felt or flawless glass fiber chopped yarn as raw material, fully automatic continuous unit traction, uniform speed through computer The temperature-controlled oven is heated and the high temperature gel is solidified. The product has smooth surface, stable size, optional color and random length. The surface film is anti-aging film, and the UV absorption rate is over 99%, which makes the life of the lighting board reach 10-15 years. -25 years).

2、Product features:
(1) High light transmittance and soft light;   (2) Good anti-aging performance and durability;
(3) Strong corrosion resistance and wide application;   (4) fire smoke, no droplets;
(5) good toughness and impact resistance;   (6) thermal insulation, environmental protection and energy saving;
(7) Convenient installation, time-saving construction;   (8) Rainwater from orange, long-lasting and bright;
(9) Various types of plates, customized processing;   (10) reliable performance, professional testing.
3、Raw material composition:
Main ingredients: high quality resin, alkali-free glass fiber, DuPont 301 anti-aging film. High-quality materials are the guarantee of product quality.

4、The main technical parameters

Test items Test index Test items Test index Test items Test index
Tensile Strength ≥100MDa Nationalization ≥85% Fiber content ≥28%
Bending strength ≥190MDa Barcol hardness ≥40-60 Proper temperature -40℃-+120℃
Thermal expansion coefficient 2.2-3.15×10-5/℃ Density 1.4-1.6g/cm3 Water absorption season 24小时,25℃≤0.13%


Production Process

Production Process Process

The FRP lighting board continuous molding process shows:

Quality control process

Raw material Approved qualified suppliers, raw materials entering the factory for inspection, and qualified products for acceptance.
Mold Confirm the floor before the production to ensure accuracy.
Fine production The special person area is responsible for the staff training.
Device The temperature of the production line is adjusted to the optimum state, and the resin is adjusted to adjust the thickness and speed.
Finished product Finished product inspection, qualified storage, clear identification, non-conforming products will never be sold.


Performance comparison

Performance comparison between FRP lighting board and PC board

Lighting board technical indicators FRP lighting board PC board
Substrate Isophthalic acid polyester + E glass fiber Polycarbonate PC
Thermal expansion coefficient 2.2×10-³/m/m/℃ 6.75×10-³/m/m/℃ The relative displacement caused by the change of cold and heat is large. The circumference of the derivative screw hole is torn and changes and leaks, so the length of the PC board should not be too long. Can only be applied to small width roofs.
Less relative displacement caused by changes in cold and heat
Tensile Strength Higher tensile strength (100 MPa) can withstand higher loads. Strong resistance to typhoon. The lower tensile strength (60 MPa) is poor in load carrying capacity. Poor resistance to typhoon
Surface hardness A combination of organic and inorganic composites with high surface hardness and tear resistance. The singularity of the molecular structure makes the surface hardness and tearability of the board poor. It is easy to be scratched by metal burrs and leaks.
Thermal conductivity 0.158w/m.k,Thermal insulation is slightly better than PC 0.166w/m.k
Construction cost Due to the tensile strength of the sheet, the steel is high and the load carrying capacity is strong. Can be used with steel plates on steel roofs with large width and large lay length The steel profile is poor. The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is large. The strength must be increased by a small grid or a convex arch. It is used to accumulate water and leak water under the large distance.
Surface maintenance The maintenance cost is low, the cycle is long, the flow is easy to clean, the running water or the rain can be washed away, and the Baote bright and bright time is longer. Electrostatic adsorption will make the dust firmly adhere to the surface, affect the light transmission season, poor acid and alkali resistance, difficult to clean, and difficult to maintain.


Plate type reference map


Note: The board type can be customized according to customer needs.


Board type installation diagram

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